Syd the Yogini


Prayer to Self

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Last week in the Know Thyself Series we took a look at Prayer & discussed its relevance in 2018. Asking / answering questions like what does prayer look like? What is its function? How can it help foster a deeper relationship with Self? Prayer has been a practice of mine that has evolved over the years, but who am I praying to? Where exactly are these mental request going? Prayer for me functions as a line of communication with the Divine essence that lies within. There are so many names for this presence The Universe, Divine Mother, Brahman, Jah, God, but one belief I hold dearly is whatever you call it, that which we pray to is within us. 

I developed a 5 step process to help communicate how I encorporate prayer as a functional tool in my own life & I wanted to provide space here to share with those who were unable to join the discussion. 

5 Aspects of Prayer 

1. Introspection 

I have found it useful to start with discovering my baseline, to take time with my Self to meditate & reflect. I must know where I am before I can know where I am trying to go or what I am trying to manifest. 

2. Intention Setting 

Once I’ve gathered myself and know where I’m at, how I’m feeling, I begin to plan. Intention setting can be a powerful practice, to list out things I want to cultivate or let go of, helps hold myself accountable to follow through. 

3. Actualize Potential 

The following through portion. Prayer without action is potential not actualized. Meaning it is not enough just to set intentions on what I want for my life, I must then begin to act in a way that will manifest the visions I see. I must be an active participant in cultivating my dreams.

4. Gratitude 

When I don't take time to pause in gratitude often times that which I had prayed for comes & goes without my knowledge. My rule of thumb for expressing gratitude is before, during, & after. This practice helps strengthen my trust in the process. 

5. Surrender 

This is one of the hardest parts for me personally, because I like to think that I am in control of my life. To create in collaboration with Divine Energy requires me to let this idea go. To acknowledge that I can not always see the outcome that would best serve me and the higher good. To be able to trust that if I let go of expected outcomes, I create space for things I could not have even imagined, to unfold. 

If you are interested in exploring this process further keep an eye out for the next Know Thyself Series where I will guide you through it with questions and prompts, but I encourage you to try it on your own, trust your inner guide to collaborate & create with.