Syd the Yogini


Notes to Self

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With my upcoming Workshop Series Know Thyself (start date 5.3.18) I have been spending time asking my Self questions that have helped to create the design for the first week's Workshop, Notes to Self. The question that began this exploration of self was, what are values and why are they important? With some guidance I came to understand that values are areas in my life that I consider important & they have a direct correlation to how I interact with my environment. Essentially what I choose to value shapes my belief system & identity. 

I then became curious of the origins of my values & beliefs. As a child they were instilled in me by my parents, through adolescence they began to mirror those of my peers and through out it all I adopted the ideology of society. To be molded by our environment is a natural way of life but at some point I believe we must ask ourselves, whether what we believe aligns with how we truly feel? I now have a desire to consciously create my own identity, my own Self worth. Here are a few questions I used to help differentiate what I believe to be true to me and what are residual beliefs from family, friends & the world, that no longer align with my truth.

What belief patterns did you inherit from your family? 

Which of these belief patterns can you observe no longer serve you?

What values do you believe make up your personal honor code? 

If you are anything like me, you may find some references helpful so here are a few values...

Trust, Honesty, Wisdom, Power, Creativity, Family, Humor, Knowledge, Success, Freedom

In Thursdays Workshop (5.3.18) I will guide you through a journaling activity that expands on this topic of alignment, with the intention to empower you to learn how it feels to align with your Soul's truth & develope a more intimate relationship with Self.