Syd the Yogini


Life is Remarkable

Life is remarkable and it is worthy of our attention. The true nature of this existence reveals glimpses of its beauty through the cultivation of balance. As steady water creates a mirror that reflects its environment. Our minds too when stable begin to parallel the magnificence of the world around us.

“This stability is not stagnation”

This stability is not stagnation, rather it is a very subtle movement, like the earth rotating on its axis so steady it seems still. Yet it continues to turn balancing day & night, night and day. In this way the earth teaches a valuable lesson. That it is not necessary to completely stop our thoughts to find sense of ease. Serenity is achieved through the acknowledgment of our thoughts. The highs and the lows, those that cause pain and evoke pleasure, the thoughts that are fearful and the ones that have the courage to hope.

“It is not necessary to completely stop our thoughts to find a sense of ease”

Recognizing the dualities that lie within is a step towards cultivating space for equilibrium. The tranquility that we seek is found through the process of embracing each and every part of Self. Relaxing into the ebb and flow & allowing the mind to transition through its changing notions smoothly without resistance. Just as the colors gently shape shift in the sky as day turns into dusk, dusk into night. Without fear or hesitation the earth transforms itself, silently unfurling through space and time. A stunning experience to bear witness to, which has provoked in me an astonishing realization; that we too poses this innate ability to gracefully unfold the intricate facets of our being.

Syd Collier