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Syd the Yogini


Who am I ?

If you were to ask me going into 2018 "Who are you?" I would have quickly and confidently told you I was a Yoga Instructor...that I teach people how to develop awareness of their bodies and their minds in order to empower individuals to heal their own dis-ease and suffering. I would have told you that because I consider myself a teacher, I also identify as a Student. In order to help and serve I must be willing to continue to learn. Above all else I would have called myself a Spiritual Being. 

I have come to understand that when it comes to who I am these are simply words that I have chosen to give meaning to my existence. When I strip myself of all labels Black, Woman, Daughter, Sister, Partner, Friend, Student, Teacher, Spiritual Being, what is left is what connects me to you. The Divine essence that resides within me, within you. The silent witnessing presence that observes the mind frantically trying to categorize, control, and make sense of all that is. The question "who am I?" is irrelevant because the who is subject to change. To answer the question now I would say "I am." I am and you are and this is what unites us, this is what makes us one in the same. The intention of this website is to help bring clarity and insight to this truth. Welcome! I'm so happy our paths have crossed, let's explore existence together. 

For those who do appreciate labels: 

B.S Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science
Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Certified
Yoga for Resiliency and Trauma Recovery Level 1

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